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Pentecost 2024, 2025 and 2026

Pentecost Sunday is celebrated in many churches across Estonia every year Sometimes, the term “Whit Sunday” is used to refer to this holiday because of the olden time practice of wearing white during baptisms that were frequently held this time of year.

202419 MaySunWhit Sunday
20258 JunSunWhit Sunday
202624 MaySunWhit Sunday
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Pentecost technically occurs on Monday, but the Sunday before is often a time of special church services. The date of Pentecost moves with that of Easter, which it follows by 50 days. Note that the 50 days are counted “inclusively,” meaning you count the first and last days, so that it is actually seven weeks or 49 days by “usual counting methods.”

Pentecost is also the official end of the Ecclesiastical Easter Season. It normally lands on the calendar anywhere from mid-May to early June. Russian Orthodox churches in Estonia may observe Pentecost a week or so later than Catholic and Lutheran churches since the former follow the Julian Calendar and the latter the Gregorian Calendar.

In many Pentecost services, priests will dress in red robes to symbolise the fire that appeared over the heads of the Apostles when the Holy Spirit came upon them on Pentecost in ancient Jerusalem. Sermons will often be on topics concerning the importance of the church and its ministry, the Holy Spirit and His activities, or the church expanding into various language and culture groups. Symbols of the Spirit include flames, doves, and the breath of God.

Previous Years

202328 MaySunWhit Sunday
20225 JunSunWhit Sunday
202123 MaySunWhit Sunday
202031 MaySunWhit Sunday
20199 JunSunWhit Sunday
201820 MaySunWhit Sunday
20174 JunSunWhit Sunday