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Misummer Day

Misummer Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Midsummer Day in Estonia is a national public holiday every 24 June. It is a holiday related to the summer solstice, being held a few days after the solstice takes place. It is also the oldest celebration still marked in Estonia.

202424 JunMonMidsummer Day
202524 JunTueMidsummer Day
202624 JunWedMidsummer Day
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Midsummer Day today is a celebration that blends with the modern Victory Day celebration held the day before it on 23 June. Thus, the feasting, dancing, bonfires and other activities often carry multiple meanings related to midsummer and Estonia’s independence from Russian (and later, Soviet) control.

Previous Years

202324 JunSatMidsummer Day
202224 JunFriMidsummer Day
202124 JunThuMidsummer Day
202024 JunWedMidsummer Day
201924 JunMonMidsummer Day
201824 JunSunMidsummer Day
201724 JunSatMidsummer Day